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Trident Furniture Group, Inc., Furniture - Wholesale, American Fork, UT

Trident Ships to the entire United States, Canada and Mexico from  various U.S. warehouses

Low broker fees and usually duty free.

Freight rates can be surprisingly low from the USA.  

Exporting From the USA to Canada & Mexico at Low Costs

Warehouse Supervisor Curley

Pictured here (middle) with his shipping staff.

Employee of the Month

Why Choose Trident Furniture?

With over 21 years of experience, Trident offers quality furniture solutions for institutional furniture users, wherever tables and chairs are used.  Like the  three point trident,  we have a three point mantra:  1)  Expert Advice 2) Trusted Products 3) The Right Price.  That three point “Trident” commitment is the “Trident of Success” for everyone.

Trident Furniture Group is a trusted partner to thousands of  hospitality,  healthcare, education, business and government customers.  Trident is unique because they can offer personalized solutions, from various manufacturers as required to meet the  for end users in different markets makes purchasers jobs easier.

Exporting to Canada is no problem.  Customs and shipping is often a question for international shipping and Trident has that covered.  Using new electronic customs systems, Trident can save on broker fees and get lower delivered pricing for export customers.

Trusted Products

Trident only offers products we would use ourselves, and in most cases we have.  We don’t sell just anything. We pick and choose the best items: furniture that is tested in the market and has a track record of success.  We know the products we sell.

Expert Advice

At Trident, you can talk with someone who has 10-15 years experience in the institutional furniture markets. We are professionals who have seen products designed, tested, used, manufactured, abused, and can help you get what you need for your facility.  

The Right Price

Trident Furniture gives you the best prices by using technology that did not exist 10 years ago, by maintaining a financially conservative ethos, by staying debt free and keeping operating costs low.  Trident keeps service levels high and still delivers at a lower price than the competition.   

The Trident Furniture Group is a furniture manufacturing and supply company based in the United States.   We supply to the entire United States, including Hawaii and Alaska,  as well as Canada and Mexico. We also ship to all US ports for export.

Purchasing Power

+ Lower Costs

= Lower Customer    Product Price

Warehouse of the Month with

98.2 % on-time shipments !

Atlanta Wins!  Way to go people! Bar-B-Que on 1st Monday